For Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Video: I already had an Edmodo account how do I now access with a code?

Video: I am new to Edmodo, how do I get access?

FIRST: If you have already been using Edmodo you HAVE NOT lost any of your data, work, or classes.

SECOND: You will recieve your school code to continue working with your students after completing the CMS Edmodo Terms of Service.

Thank you for looking into using Edmodo as an education tool with your students.

Before you continue using Edmodo with CMS Students there are some roles and responsibilities we need to discuss first.

Over the course of the next few screens we will lead you through the various roles and responsibilities of the Teacher, Parents, and Students that need to be adressed for your students to use Edmodo. In each area there is important information that you (the teacher) need to understand and complete. The the four main areas are:

1) The Teachers role and responsibilities

  • You have the most important role to keep documentation and be the facilitator of the conversations taking place online within Edmodo.

2) The Parents role and responsibilities

  • Due to CIPA and COPA regulations students age 13 and under need Parental Consent forms filled out and kept on file.

3) The Students role and responsibilities

  • A discussion with students needs to be had for them to understand the importance of following Internet safety protocol.

4) Digitally sign the CMS Edmodo Terms of Service

  • After reading all documentation and gathering all consent forms, please fill out this form.

I Am Ready To Continue To: The Teachers Role and Responsibilities´╗┐

I already had an Edmodo Account how do I use/get a school code?

I am new to Edmodo